Theater entrance photography

Theater entrance photography. Museu Felícia Leirner Auditório Claudio Santoro. Campos do Jordão – SP. Brazil. Feel free to use this image in your personal or commercial projects without requirements for attribution. Resolution and image quality: Please download the image using the button on this page to view the full-resolution and full-quality. For a loading speed reason, the image you see above, it’s just a preview in a lower quality of the original image you’ll be downloading. 🖼️📹🏞️🎞️ #Download #Photography #Image #Free #Picture #Gallery #Share

Theater entrance photography

Claudio Pires - July 22, 2021
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Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max
Aperture ƒ/1.8
Focal Length 4.25mm
Shutter Speed 1/1s
ISO 400
Dimensions 2560 x 1061




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